Warren Wilson College News

Email Problems

Contact: Joel Campbell

As most of you probably noticed we had some fairly lengthy downtime withour mail server. We had planned a small upgrade for around 5:30 Thursdayafternoon. Upon shutting the machine down to upgrade and restarting itwe noticed that one of the hard drives was beginning to fail. After manyhours of trying to get the server back up and running we were unable toget the machine fully repaired. We have temporarily relocated the mailservices to another server while we get replacement parts for the mailserver. There are no changes that have to be made on the user end. Yourwebmail or mail client software will work just like before. The onlyissue that we have discovered involves a small number of user inboxes.Due to the corruption on the mail server hard drive array some inboxeswere damaged and not copied to the temporary server. DON'T PANIC if younotice a lot of mail missing from your inbox. I can restore inboxes fromthe last backup before the crash. That would mean at most only messagesfrom Thursday would be irretrievably lost. If you notice that you areone of the very few unlucky ones that have this problem please email meat joel@warren-wilson.edu and I will begin restoring your last backed upinbox. 

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