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Soccer summary: Women\’s soccer vs. Montreat

The game on Saturday was a first for the Warren Wilson College women. Never has there been no score at the half at a Montreat game. Montreat is tied with Southern Virginia as our arch rivals. Historically, both have been very difficult to beat — like only once in ten years.

But our time is coming with the Presbyterian girls up the road. We kept them scoreless the first half. That was with Ashely stopping eight incredible shots, and Sarah Gaskin stepping in her box for one and HEADING it out. (Sarah is not known for using her head in many areas of her life, so we cheered like banshees on the sideline.) Amy Woychowski blocked two from going in, as well as taking the only shot on their goal in the first half. Mel Janarelli did her amazing runs and sprints and calm overtakes all day, with two other blocked goals.

Halfway through the second half Montreat got lucky and scored. Did I say they had one girl who played semi-pro with the local Asheville semi-pro soccer team? Oh, and there’s a pair of sisters who have extra sensory perception that make us go crazy, but all three of them are graduating finally, so next year — watch out.

Amanda Williams, Meghan Evans, Alex Linares and Shannon Waldron all put their goalie to work, but it was not enough stress to even up the score.

So it’s bad guys ONLY ONE and the girls from the bus (we just got our new 25 passenger bus)- 0.

NO cookies from parents this time, no Lily Doyle, and a Christi who will be ready to play again next week. We missed all three.



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