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Missing furnishings from Multicultural office

Many of you may know that Rodney Lytle heads up the College’s Multi-Cultural affairs office, in addition to his duties as Supervisor of Building Services. At the beginning of school in August, Rodney and his crew began to set up a space in the bottom of Schafer A as the new headquarters for the multi-cultural office.

Since then, a number of items have disappeared from that space. Among the missing items are some soft cushion sofas, some chairs that resemble wicker style, some lamps, a microwave oven and a refrigerator. Many of these things were donated to help set this office up.

If you, or someone you know, happened upon any of these things when the room was accidently left open and assumed that they were discarded, please see that they find their way back home again. No one is interested in blaming or pointing fingers. We just want this stuff back for the multi-cultural staff and those who will use the space.

Thanks for your help.

Jon Verner
Director of Housing


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