Warren Wilson College News

WWC Named #4

Outside Magazine Outside magazine has named Warren Wilson College and Asheville No. 4 on its list of "Forty Best College Towns," the cover story for the September 2003 issue.

According to Outside, the list includes "40 schools that turn out smart grads with top-notch academic credentials, a healthy environmental ethos, and an A+ sense of adventure."
The magazine's profile of Warren Wilson labels the college "one of the most earth-friendly colleges on the planet." It also notes the college's highly regarded environmental studies program and numerous outdoor activities both on and off campus.

"We're thrilled to share this recognition with the Asheville area that has so much to offer," said Richard Blomgren, Warren Wilson College dean of admission. "It's a great honor for the college and the town."
Warren Wilson, one of two N.C. colleges named to the list, is the highest ranking of the five colleges in the Southeast that were included among the 40 nationwide.


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