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WWC This Week – July 6, 2004 Vol. 8 No. 1

Contact: John Bowers

July 6, 2004

Vol. 8 No. 1


Public Field Day at Berry site

A Public Field Day, concluding the 2004 Archaeological Field School of Warren Wilson College and Western Piedmont Community College, will be held at the Berry site near Morganton on July 17 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The field day, free and open to the public will include tours of the highly significant Berry site, displays of artifacts, and photographs of fieldwork. People of all ages are invited to attend and learn about native chiefdoms and their early interactions with European colonists in this part of the Southeast. Recently, the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration awarded $20,000 to David Moore for support of the Berry Site project. For directions to the site call (828) 430-3430.


WWC Tomatoes are here

Come to the Garden Market Fridays 11-4 at the Garden for an abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and other summer salad fixings. Look for Garden flower sales outside Gladfelter during lunch!


Warren Wilson CSA

Interested in subscribing to a box of seasonal vegetables per week? Let’s work to create community supported agriculture based on local food. For more information about the possibility of WWC CSA please contact the Garden with your name, email, and questions. A meeting will be scheduled in the near future. Email jbarausky@warren-wilson.edu or call ext. 3066.


Memorial service for Andy Anderson

Former professor of education Andy Anderson passed away Sunday, July 4, in Pensacola, Florida. Andy taught at the College for many years and chaired the Education Department. He and his wife Marian had four children-two daughters and two sons. A memorial service for Andy will be held Monday, July 12, at 11 a.m. in the Warren Wilson College Presbyterian Church with a reception in the fellowship hall immediately following the service.


Breaking the ice: extreme peace missions

Doron Erel and Olfat Haider, members of an Israeli-Palestinian peace expedition, will share their experiences on a journey of physical and moral courage from South America to Antartica to climb an unnamed peak in search for common ground. The expedition required people generally separated by deep political and religious differences to cooperate in pursuit of a shared goal. The multimedia presentation will include spectacular footage from the voyage and will be followed by a question and answer session. The event takes place on July 20, 7-9 p.m. at Diana Wortham Theatre in Pack Place, downtown Asheville. General admission seating; suggested donation of $15. For more information about the event call (877) 776-2627. The program is presented by North Carolina Outward Bound School in partnership with the Western North Carolina chapter of the United Nations Association.


Cell phone recycling

The campus recycling center is now accepting cell phones in their entirety (not just the batteries). You can drop your old cell phones in the Miscellaneous Recyclables bin in the lower Glad mail area, FMTS, Schafer, Sunderland, or send them to the Recycling Crew at Box 6216.


Autoshop news

The Motorpool reservation book is now open for the fall semester. Forms may be obtained from the Autoshop or by calling ext. 3082. Please complete forms fully, including account numbers and signatures. Please use consideration when making reservations and only make bookings that you are sure of – do not speculate. Vehicles are limited in number and late cancellations are unfair to the community. Trip requests for Saturdays are the hardest to fill and we do not work weekends. All arrangements must be made by Fridays. Requesting a vehicle early does not guarantee a reservation. Academics, sports, service and community-related events will be scheduled, and we will make every effort to ensure that everyone is accommodated. Late reservations will be offered outside rentals only if available and at an increased price. Usave Rentals are always higher and allow only 21 year old or above drivers. Enterprise rentals only allows 25 year old and above drivers. Big changes are coming to the campus motorpool. As we are evaluating our safety procedures for 15 passenger vans, we are facing pressure to decrease the number of passengers, to allow less weight in the back of the vans, and to raise the student driving age to 21. Please keep these possible changes in mind when making plans. In addition there will be a MINIMUM FEE of $15 per day for vans, even if they are only driven two miles. A cleanup fee will be charged for vans returned dirty. Stay in tune, and we’ll keep you informed. -Ray Cockrell and your friendly Autoshop Crew, ext. 3082.


FMTS update

GLADFELTER: We have an ongoing flea infestation in the mailroom/bookstore area. A full-blown remediation process is underway. Jim and Stephanie will keep you abreast of changes in their area.

An on-going water leak from the kitchen to the bookstore area has been repaired after many years of being a continued nuisance. Carpet in the mail area is being replaced as part of this effort.

A contractor is being called in to permanently repair locations where small rodents can possibly enter Gladfelter.

ELC: Potential sources for mold have been eliminated or are in the process of being eliminated. ELC has gained an updated storage space from this effort. We are also working to eliminate stormwater runoff into the ELC. Storm water lines from the building have been rooted. Two storm water lines are broken and will be repaired in the next two weeks.

Numerous buildings are suffering from stormwater runoff causing mold in the lower spaces of these buildings. Vining C is currently being repaired with an expected completion of July 15. We expect to complete other buildings before school starts including Laursen, Stephenson and Sage.

RANSOM HOUSE: Much of the exterior work is near completion at Ransom House. We are repairing their storm water issues at the same time. In the next few weeks we expect to dig up around the foundation, waterproof and backfill the area surrounding Ransom House.

LANDSCAPING: Heavy rains have created heavy mowing requirements. In addition to mowing, we are attempting to complete landscaping at Schafer and put in a cover crop at the EcoDorm. The cover crop will be plowed back into the soil in a process called green manuring, which creates an organic base for the permaculture plantings we expect to begin installing this fall. The soccer field completion is being delayed because of the heavy rains.

BUILDING SERVICES/PAINTING: A tremendous amount of time and effort has been spent repairing/repainting dorm rooms. Unfortunately, there was a large amount of damage to these rooms. Our goal will be to have every single room on campus freshly painted before students arrive in the fall. We are currently cleaning Schafer A & B and hope to have all repairs made in those buildings before July 14. The painters are also priming/painting the siding that will be used for College Relations.

CARPENTRY: Over six rental houses have been vacated and scheduled for re-occupancy this summer. The large number of rental houses has created a severe burden on our carpentry department. In addition, three showers in Sunderland need to be completely re-tiled. The floor of three showers in Sunderland will have to be completely replaced within the next two weeks because they are leaking into the building. We must complete this work to prevent potential indoor air quality issues. Recently completed projects include carpeting of the weight room, re-tiling several areas in the Vining C RD apartment, re-tiling Vining C basement, and re-tiling the RD’s apartment in Sunderland. Carpenters have also been repairing all the furnitu
re in dorms as well as holes in all the wood trim. In addition to this, they are in the process of installing jumbo toilet paper dispensers in Sunderland, Kittredge and Bryson Gym.

HVAC: We have had several control problems with the chiller at Kittredge that are now finally resolved. In Sunderland every single fan coil unit was thoroughly cleaned to improve indoor air quality. Exhaust fans across the campus are also being repaired.

CAMPUS SUPPORT: In addition to the College Relations project, an addition to the farm office is being completed, and we are planning to build a feeding shed for the farm with a completion date of early October. The small log building next to the Garden Cabin is being thoroughly renovated to allow the Herb Crew more space. Extensive shelving is also being installed in Schafer C and the dorms that do not currently have shelves.

RECYCLING: Recycling has almost cleaned out the pole barn and is setting up a surplus program for equipment and furniture.

LOCKSMITH: We are 95% complete installing door closers on all the residence halls. We are also 90% complete re-keying all residence halls to the new key system. Over 75 cylinders had to be replaced because students did not turn in their keys.

FMTS: Several departments and students have been instrumental in assisting the office with inspecting every single dorm room on campus, taking digital pictures, and assessing charges. We are also developing SOG’s (Standard Operating Guides) for all summer events so we can be better prepared next summer. Coordination meetings with Housing, MFA and Swannanoa Gathering have been occurring almost weekly to minimize emergencies. The FMTS staff has worked tirelessly to continue improving and maintaining our campus facilities. Please thank them for their hard work.


Hooray for . . .

Matt Moerschbaecher and Lou Weber whose paper, “Road Kill along the Blue Ridge Parkway,” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science.

Chase Hubbard and the College Farm, who hosted a field day describing the hog operation, especially the new pasture farrowing project. The farm was a cooperator in a USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant, receiving funding for portable huts and a special hog trailer. Chase Hubbard’s leadership made this happen, and the program provides for some excellent press in the farming community through field days and other collaborative work with extension, wildlife, and conservation personnel.

Warren Wilson College, which formally received the 2004 Restoring Creation Award on June 29 from the national environmental organization Presbyterians for Restoring Creation. Carla Sutherland and Fitz Legerton accepted the award on behalf of the College.

Sophomore Julia Travis, who is featured in the 2004 Ride for Kids Visitation Video of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States. Julia, a long time attendee of the Ride for Kids® program in Atlanta, is a foundation scholarship recipient.

Incoming WWC freshman Nathan Ballentine, who joined with Davidson College sophomore Patricia Massey to preach July 2 at the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly. The two are co-moderators of the Presbyterian Youth Connection, a national youth ministry program.


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