Major in Art

The art major is intended for the student who is interested in making a dedicated commitment to the visual arts within a liberal arts context. The major provides an experiential, basic foundation in the visual arts. Through this process the student will discover and develop creative potential and direction and will come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the unique contributions of others and of the complex issues that confront art today.

Minor in Art
The art minor is intended to provide an experiential, basic introduction to the visual arts.

The art program mission includes providing opportunities for all members of the college community to develop their artistic sensibilities and skills. Students from all departments are encouraged to enroll in courses and also to attend gallery openings and exhibits, community arts programs, lectures, and slide talks.


  • Develop critical thinking
  • Increase the ability to describe, judge, theorize about, and analyze art
  • Develop technical skills in basic media
  • Gain self-confidence through an increasing ability to make reasoned choices and to articulate and defend those choices
  • Increase self-discipline regarding work
  • Exercise creativity while working within structures and finding solutions that reflect individuality
  • Develop the ability to explain how ideas are “connected to the history of artUse art to communicate by being deliberate and intentional in work
  • Develop an ability to read and evaluate visual images