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DUSTY BENEDICT grew up primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.After several years of college and a tour of duty in the Navy, he attended Art Center College of Design, where he completed the undergraduate and graduate programs in painting and drawing.With an early interest in botany and having lived in Hawaii for a period of time, Benedict has continued to use the plant world and nature as a primary source for his work.In 1979 he was offered a position to help establish an art department at Warren Wilson College, where he currently continues to teach and is a practicing studio artist.

Generally speaking, I am not interested portraying what is already known or seen in the physical world. Rather my interest lies in the world that is behind what is seen – the intangible world. That sense there is more there than meets the eye. I use the visible world as a starting point and then seek the artistic possibilities within that structure to reveal new forms. As a result of this process the work becomes more about how something Feels rather than the superficial world of appearances. I am interested in that state of Becoming, it feels like something experienced before but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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